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How ABOUT Healthcare partnered with DataDrive to elevate its customers' data analysis capabilities and boost market competitiveness.






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A leading provider of healthcare access and orchestration solutions, ABOUT was founded upon the knowledge and experience of the most accomplished leadership in healthcare technology, innovation, operations, and customer success. Its 2020 acquisition of Ensocare and Acuity Link extended ABOUT’s capabilities from admissions to discharge. Serving more than one hundred and fifty health systems with customized solutions, the provider is dedicated to delivering the right care in the right location without delay.

For more than ten years, ABOUT has effectively served the healthcare system with its technology. However, the healthcare system changed in terms of its requirements and expectations: It wanted ABOUT to provide information about likely future patients based on past data. ABOUT also wanted to do more about the data it collected. Specifically, the provider aspired to create strategic pathways for the types of disciplines that healthcare providers specialize in so it could capture more market share.

“Because of customer demand, we knew our data was a goldmine,” said Bob Zdon, ABOUT’s Chief Growth Officer, “but we didn’t have the ability to extract that data and present it in useful ways.”

In an attempt to leverage its data, ABOUT began to transition from transactional reporting using Tableau, which was primarily geared toward department managers and lower-level staff. That’s because Bob knew that ABOUT needed to elevate the story the data was telling so that it would be useful to healthcare executives.

“We knew what we wanted to do, and we knew we had the raw datasets to accomplish that,” said Bob. “When presented properly, the data we collect gives deep insights to the executive teams about what’s happening with their patient flow.”

Not only did ABOUT want to provide executives with actionable data analysis, but it also wanted to provide that data in real time.

“We wanted to be able to give customers access to critical data as fast as possible,” said Bob. “Oftentimes, executives make decisions based on data that could be as much as six months old. But we were sitting on data that could allow them to look at that data as soon as or sooner than twenty-four hours. The problem was we didn’t have the expertise, skill, and knowledge to complete the transition from transactional to strategic reporting for our client base.”

Bob reached out to DataDrive for help with meeting the goals he had for ABOUT’s data.



DataDrive collaborates with diverse brands around the world, helping them understand and utilize their data more effectively. The company’s team members are passionate about assisting businesses in transitioning away from manual spreadsheets, simplifying their processes, and making informed decisions without the complexities of managing vast data infrastructures.

To begin, the DataDrive team performed an analytical strategy assessment. Knowing that ABOUT wanted to implement a software and methodology framework concerning how to analyze data, the DataDrive team sought to determine how ABOUT’s data could be a value-added service on top of its SaaS platform.

The assessment began with the DataDrive team gaining an understanding of ABOUT’s present and future. The assessment focused on product development, customer experience, data literacy, licensing and server sizing, and self service analytics. The team examined whether ABOUT had the right people, technology, processes, and infrastructure to meet Bob’s objectives for the data. This process helped Bob think more strategically about his plans.

Once the assessment was complete, DataDrive delivered its initial recommendations. After getting feedback from Bob and his team, DataDrive formulated its final, in-depth recommendations.

“We brought DataDrive in to just do an assessment of our organization from a data and analytics perspective and come back with recommendations,” said Bob. “We were so pleased with the final recommendations that we ultimately contracted with DataDrive to implement them.”

Ultimately, DataDrive’s engagement transformed from a traditional data management consulting role into a much more tactical technology consulting role by serving as a fractional chief data officer and building data analytics report products that ABOUT continues to use and monetize.



    Instead of spending hours creating ad-hoc reports for customers, Bob and his team empower customers with automatically generated customized reporting dashboards.


    “The ability to report on data and provide valuable insights has moved from being something that was one of many important things to being at or near the top,” said Bob. “From that standpoint, our custom reporting dashboards absolutely make us more competitive in the marketplace.”


    “The value-added service of supplying data analytics has indirectly helped our business grow because it’s a part of our larger offering,” said Bob. “We clearly have elevated the game on that front, and it makes our overall solution that much more valuable. When we win a customer, we win because of our data analytics.”


    “Some of our customers have commented that the improvements in reporting made a meaningful difference in their satisfaction level and loyalty,” said Bob.

"What makes the DataDrive team so great is their knowledge, expertise, and passion to make your business better through reporting and analytics."
Bob Zdon
Chief Growth Officer