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Managed Tableau Cloud Support You Deserve

Connect, see, and take action with your data in a fully managed Tableau Cloud environment.


wired-gradient-24-approved-checked Hands-on administration & monitoring of your environment

wired-gradient-24-approved-checked Actionable support delivered in days, not months

wired-gradient-24-approved-checked Flexible 3, 6, and 12-month terms to fit your needs

wired-gradient-24-approved-checked 2x cheaper than hiring a full-time Tableau developer
Tableau Cloud Navigator

Stress-Free Tableau Deployment & Support

Recognized as Tableau Partner of the Year, DataDrive is your team of Tableau Cloud administrators and certified architects - without the costs of hiring full-time developers.

Environment Analysis
Data Environment Analysis

Set up your analytics foundation with connected data, security, and content strategy

Personal Tableau Support
Fast, Personal Tableau Support

Partner with Tableau gurus to solve technical snags quickly - keeping you focused on results

Maximize Investment
Maximize Your Analytics Investment

Identify use cases, drive usage, and manage licenses wisely with our proven framework

Certified Experts
Ongoing Tableau Administration

Leverage certified developers without the risk and expense of full-time hiring

Trusted with 150+ Tableau deployments
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Speedy Support, Swift Success

Say goodbye to wasted time on technical snags and support questions about your specific environment. With Tableau Cloud Navigator, your Tableau questions are resolved quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on driving your business forward with data.

Speedy Support

Built for Your Unique Business

Start with a solid foundation that works for your needs. Our comprehensive data environment assessment ensures Tableau Cloud is perfectly tailored to your unique data sources, user security, and content organization needs.

Tableau Cloud Foundation

Unlock the Full Power of Tableau

Through developer and report user training, we empower your team to leverage Tableau to its fullest capacity, along with guidance on newly-released features - like AI use cases with Tableau GPT. Maximize your Tableau investment today!

Tableau Prep

Tableau Experts without Hiring

Your business deserve expert solutions, not workarounds. Avoid the costs and risks of hiring hard-to-find talent and let our certified team provide personalized support from our 150+ customer experiences. We've got you covered.


Tableau Expert Training

Get the Help You Need - When You Need It Most

Don't let your Tableau investment become an unused asset or an expensive mess. Access expert support without 2x spending on full-time support.

Cost Comparison

Pricing options as dynamic as your data.



for 3 months

Priority Technical Support

Data Environment Assessment

Developer Training Videos

Security & User Configuration

Data Source Optimization



for 6 months

Priority Technical Support

Data Environment Assessment

Developer Training Program

Security & User Configuration

Data Source Optimization

+ Viewer Training Sessions

+ Custom Adoption Dashboard



for 12 months

Priority Technical Support

Data Environment Assessment

Developer Training Program

Security & User Configuration

Data Source Optimization

+ Viewer Training Sessions

+ Custom Adoption Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Tableau Premier Partner
Rising Star Partner of the Year

Recognized as Tableau's Rising Star Partner of the Year



"DataDrive was a game-changer for elevating the data culture and skillsets of our team. They helped us automate and scale our embedded reporting platform to support 50+ customers and 1,000+ dashboards. We were blown away by their ability to level up the Tableau skills of our team and create dashboards that actually drove action."
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Spencer Pratt
Vice President, Product
"DataDrive has acted as an extension of our team as we have modernized our insights platform with our business users. DataDrive delivered insights, data architecture support, and analytics training to provide a solid data-driven foundation to grow with our customers."
Bridgewater Bank
Mark Hokanson
Chief Technology Officer
"Before engaging with DataDrive, we struggled to bridge the data we needed with the technology and our small staff. We formed a great partnership with DataDrive that helped us overcome these gaps, and they took a genuine interest in learning our business model. We developed strategic reporting tools to influence our business decisions."
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Brian Leek
Business Intelligence
"Analytics allows us to take action and ask 'why' vs. doing the same things we've always done - just because we think it works. The DataDrive team provides clarity for us."
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Reid Daniels
Chief Executive Officer
"With DataDrive, we've been able to provide our customers with custom data-driven dashboards to monitor the success of their campaigns in a way we had been trying to unlock for years."
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Ashley Steckler
Product Director
"I can't speak highly enough of the DataDrive team. They have the expertise & commitment to service that made our complex project manageable. DataDrive was responsive to communication & with us every step of the way."
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John Weisser
Executive Director of Technology



We Eat, Sleep, and Know Tableau.