Create Positive Student Outcomes with Data

Built for K-12 schools, DataDrive delivers a fully-managed reporting and data analysis platform to track student outcomes and district goals - without hiring expensive data teams.
  • Evaluate and monitor student performance daily

  • See the full historical picture - from school to student

  • Connect attendance, behavior, and assessment in one place

  • Automate cumbersome, manual spreadsheet processes

  • Deliver secure insights to the right people quickly


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Connected Education
Connected For You

Keep your staff in their existing applications  - we'll meet you there.

Cloud Data Migration
Trusted Daily Insights

Enjoy accurate, organized data that loads securely in the cloud.

Interactive Insights
See, Understand, & Act

Explore interactive reports built for teachers, district staff, and the community.

Training & Mentoring
Support Your Success

Equip your team with 100% managed data platform and ongoing support

Drowning in Data

Data rich, insights poor. Student attendance, behavior, and assessment data is scattered across multiple applications, and it's incredibly difficult to pull together a coherent, data-driven story for teachers and district staff.

DataDrive helps schools connect, organize, and model their data to drive impactful student outcomes - and free up your team's time for what they do best!

Drowning in Data
Data for the People

Data for the People

Data entry is only useful if people actually use the insights to make better decisions. Beyond interactive dashboards and stress-free data automation, DataDrive delivers training and enablement to ensure end-users receive the proper tools and training to maximize your investment in data. We do Human-Centered Data®.



Trusted by Innovative K-12 School Districts

"I can't speak highly enough of the DataDrive team. They have the expertise & commitment to service that made our complex project manageable. DataDrive was responsive to communication & with us every step of the way."

John Weisser
Executive Director of Technology
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School Data

See, Understand, and Take Action with Your School Data

  • Discipline and Attendance Summary
  • Summarized School Performance
  • Early Warning Tracking
  • Assessment Scoring
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Take Control of Disparate Data

With student data scattered everywhere, manual data processes and cumbersome spreadsheets result in outdated, inaccurate student metrics, hindering the ability to access and trust key insights. Unlock the power of seamless data automation from the systems you already use.

take control

Deliver Trusted Insights with Speed

With accessible student performance reporting, district staff can swiftly identify learning gaps, celebrate achievements, and tailor support where it's needed most. Turn insights into impactful actions.

Deliver Trusted Insights with Speed

Ditch the Manual Spreadsheets

Education moves fast - is your team keeping up? Give back countless hours to your team and eliminate unnecessary manual processes by automating data loads for instant access to trusted data. Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets!


See the Full Picture, Dig into Detail

Data helps everyone support positive student outcomes at every level. Superintendents can track district performance, principals can monitor school operations, and teachers receive instant-access to classroom and student-specific data.

See the Full Picture

Deliver Analytics - without the Hassle

Specialized skills such as data engineering, data science, cloud warehousing, and data visualization are tough to recruit, manage, and retain. DataDrive's managed analytics services are delivered in weeks (not years) for less than the salary of a full-time data engineer.

*Traditional cost of data team.

Hiring a Team


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1) Schedule Strategy Call

Book a call with our data experts to explore how we can support you with analytics - digging into your unique opportunities, challenges, and application ecosystem.

2) Data Discovery Assessment

Meet with your team to understand your goals, review current data processes and tech stack, and deliver specific recommendations to help your business on the data-driven journey.

3) Implementation and Ongoing Support

Deliver an end-to-end automated reporting platform in weeks (with no system downtime) and provide ongoing support, training, and (as requested) bespoke dashboard and reporting services.


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