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DriveSure streamlined data analysis with DataDrive's managed analytics service.


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DriveSure, an online platform encompassing multiple dealership solutions, is specifically designed to make participating dealerships the one-stop shop their customers rely on for maintenance, tires, and repairs. The platform made an impact on its users, but DriveSure faced challenges in providing timely metrics to its dealership customers.

“Dealerships are overwhelmed with metrics from a variety of sources, so we at DriveSure need to be able to give them the key insightful metrics that they need to determine their return on investment,” said Bill Springer, president of DriveSure. “The problem was our reports were created in Excel, and frankly, there were way too many charts. It was overwhelming.”

The fact that the static, Excel-based reports were difficult to produce and navigate wasn’t the only problem. They also weren’t as accurate as Bill would have liked. Furthermore, Bill couldn’t drill down into the data to do the type of analysis necessary to gain genuine business insights.

“To make matters worse, it took us between ten to fourteen days to produce the monthly reports for our dealerships,” said Bill. “When we finally had the opportunity to sit down with our dealerships, the reports were as many as three weeks old.”

Bill knew he needed a new data warehouse that would feed dashboards that reported near real-time data. While searching for a solution, he found DataDrive.


The DataDrive team immediately got to work building the data warehouse and a suite of customized dashboards to prove the value of analytics. Ultimately, the team implemented DataDrive’s managed analytics service, which improved DriveSure’s internal processes and automated manual work associated with analyzing and reporting data.

“One of the things that really appealed to us about the DataDrive team was their ability to build out a data warehouse and the powerful reporting capabilities we needed,” said Bill. “They enabled us to see our data and use it effectively.”

With DataDrive as the solution to his database and reporting woes, Bill is pleased with the benefits that DataDrive’s managed analytics service provides, and he’s getting lots of positive feedback from his dealership customers.

“Even though we’ve only been with DataDrive for a short time, we are already getting strong positive feedback from dealerships about being able to see important metrics in near real-time for whatever time period they wish,” said Bill.


Collaborative Partnership

“We had many of the metrics defined already when we entered our relationship with the DataDrive team, but once we started working with them, they began to educate us on the options available for visualizing and showing the data,” said Bill. “Also, as they began to understand our business, they suggested additional metrics and revised metrics that would be more impactful.”


Powerful Selling Tool

“Based on the data we have, we know that the customer retention rate for those who purchase a prepaid maintenance plan is high,” said Bill. “Now, with DataDrive, we can clearly show prospective clients real-time metrics so dealerships can see their real return on investment from DriveSure. Being able to do that is a powerful sales tool. We brought on board a new customer shortly after launching DataDrive.”

Powerful Tool

Streamlined Internal Processes

“It used to be that when we wanted to get specific metrics, we would have to do a lot of manual analysis. It was a heavy lift,” said Bill. “With the dashboard, now we have the ability to easily drill down into the data to be able to answer commonly asked questions.”

Streamlined Processes

Near Real-Time Data

“Now, we have access to near real-time data that we can share with dealerships,” said Bill, “and we can share them at any time as opposed to delivering reports that are several weeks old.”

Real-Time Data
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"The DataDrive team knows what they are doing when it comes to data analytics and the best ways to visualize data. They’re a team of super sharp people."
Bill Springer