Tableau Consulting

See, understand, and take action with your data using Tableau. With support from certified Tableau consultants, transform raw data into actionable, automated insights.

wired-gradient-24-approved-checked Dashboard design & data modeling

wired-gradient-24-approved-checked Tableau Cloud migration & deployment

wired-gradient-24-approved-checked Content, user, & data security implementation

wired-gradient-24-approved-checked Performance tuning & data source optimization

wired-gradient-24-approved-checked Custom training for creators, explorers, & viewers

wired-gradient-24-approved-checked Data warehousing, automation, & custom integrations


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Fuel Your Growth With Trusted Insights

We help organizations maximize their analytics investment with Tableau.

Connected Insights
Connected Insights
Informed Decisions
Informed Decisions
Automated Reporting
Automated Reports
Empowered Team
Empowered Team
Trusted with 200+ Tableau deployments
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Tableau's Premier Partner of the Year

DataDrive specializes in transforming raw, complex data into elegant, accessible data visualizations that enhance decision-making. Leveraging 15+ years with the Tableau platform, we partner with you to maximize your investment in analytics to see, understand, and take action with data through interactive dashboards, scalable analytics frameworks, and data visualization best practices.

Our engagements are uniquely tailored to your data journey and goals.




Tableau Implementation Services


Our Tableau consulting services provide end-to-end support, ensuring seamless integration, optimized dashboards, and training enablement for your team.


Build a Strong Foundation

Maximize your investment in Tableau to transform data into measurable use cases aligned with your business goals.

  • Tableau Cloud migrations & deployment

  • Metric definitions & analytics use cases

  • Self-service data strategy assessment

  • AI strategies with Tableau Pulse & Einstein Copilot

Plan & Assess

Unify & Organize Your Data

Transform scattered and fragmented data into a unified, automated source of truth for your end users.

  • Data integration & warehousing

  • Data governance & user security

  • Extract vs. live data sourcing strategy

  • Custom data connectors & architecture

Integrate & Architect

Take Action With Fast Insights

Unlock the power of interactive, visual analytics to deliver real-time information in front of your team, customers, and partners.

  • Interactive dashboard development

  • Dashboard design & performance tuning

  • Curated self-service data sources

  • Embedded analytics portals

Optimize & Deploy

Elevate Your Team

Empower your team with tailored training programs catered to all levels of experience with Tableau.

  • Customized user training workshops

  • Ongoing managed admin support

  • User adoption health check

  • Design standards & templates

Training & Enablement

We Eat, Sleep, and Know Tableau.