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Harness the Power of FreeWheel Strata: 8 Media Buying Data Strategies

Harness the Power of FreeWheel Strata: 8 Media Buying Data Strategies

In the highly competitive media and marketing landscape, leveraging data is crucial for optimizing media buying strategies and delivering exceptional results for clients. FreeWheel Strata, a powerful ad-buying platform, provides valuable data that can help media agencies maximize the performance of their campaigns across both digital and traditional media. In this blog post, we'll explore 8 media buying strategies that can elevate your agency's performance by harnessing the power of FreeWheel Strata's data.


Cross-Channel Optimization

Analyzing campaign performance across multiple channels, including digital and traditional media, is essential for media agencies to optimize their budgets and achieve the highest possible return on investment (ROI). FreeWheel Strata's data allows agencies to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns across various channels, identify the most successful ones, and allocate their resources more strategically.

Example - An agency may discover that their client's display advertising campaigns drive more impressions and conversions than their TV campaigns. Armed with this insight, the agency can shift some of the budget from TV to display advertising, resulting in a more cost-effective strategy and higher ROI.


Audience Targeting and Segmentation

Understanding the behaviors and preferences of your target audience is the key to creating more personalized and relevant campaigns. Strata's data enables agencies to gain a deeper understanding of their audience's demographics, interests, and online behaviors. This information can be used to segment the audience and develop tailored campaigns that resonate with specific target groups, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Example - If Strata's data reveals that a client's target audience consists primarily of young, tech-savvy professionals, the agency can create a campaign featuring cutting-edge products and services that appeal to this demographic. By tailoring the campaign messaging and targeting to the specific audience segment, the agency increases the likelihood of generating more leads and conversions.


Attribution Modeling

Attribution modeling is crucial for understanding how different marketing channels contribute to conversions and sales. FreeWheel Strata's data can be used to create more accurate attribution models that provide insights into how each channel influences the customer journey. Multi-touch attribution models, which allocate credit to multiple touchpoints along the conversion path, can help agencies allocate their marketing budgets more effectively, ensuring that each channel receives the appropriate amount of investment.

Example - An agency may find that social media ads drive initial awareness, while display ads and email marketing contribute to nurturing leads and driving conversions. By understanding the role each channel plays in the customer journey, the agency can allocate its budget accordingly, maximizing the overall effectiveness of the marketing strategy.


Forecasting and Predictive Analytics

FreeWheel Strata's data can be leveraged to develop forecasting models that predict campaign performance and media consumption trends. These insights can help agencies make better-informed decisions about their media planning and buying strategies, ensuring that their campaigns are optimized for success.

Example - By analyzing historical data on seasonal trends and consumer behavior, an agency can create a predictive model that forecasts the optimal time to launch a new campaign or adjust an existing one. This proactive approach enables agencies to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on emerging opportunities before their competitors do.


Media Mix Modeling

Media mix modeling involves analyzing the performance of various media channels to determine the optimal allocation of marketing budget across these channels. FreeWheel Strata's data can help agencies develop media mix models that accurately reflect the performance of each channel, ensuring that their clients' budgets are allocated effectively.

Example - An agency may find that a particular client's TV ads perform well during prime-time hours, while their digital ads are more effective during the early morning and late evening. By incorporating this insight into the media mix model, the agency can allocate the client's budget in a way that maximizes the impact of each channel, leading to better overall results.


Financial Campaign Management

FreeWheel Strata allows for agencies to adapt orders as campaigns are happening. When post logs and make-goods come back from vendors, agencies can use the data from FreeWheel Strata to automatically identify differences between the spots which were run and those that were purchased. This enables agencies to be adaptive to ensure that their campaign strategy is working as planned.


Inventory Management and Pricing Optimization

Managing ad inventory and developing pricing strategies that maximize revenue can be challenging for media agencies. FreeWheel Strata's data can help agencies better understand their inventory availability, pricing trends, and demand patterns. This information can be used to develop pricing strategies that optimize revenue while maintaining a balance between supply and demand.

Example - An agency may notice that the demand for a specific ad slot is highest during certain hours of the day. By adjusting the pricing for that ad slot during those peak hours, the agency can maximize revenue while ensuring that their inventory is utilized effectively.


Creative Performance Analysis

The success of an ad campaign often hinges on the effectiveness of its creative elements. FreeWheel Strata's data allows agencies to analyze the performance of different ad creatives, identify the most effective messaging and formats, and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

Example - An agency may find that video ads with a strong call-to-action perform better than static display ads for a particular campaign. By focusing on creating more engaging video content and optimizing the call-to-action, the agency can improve the performance of the campaign and achieve better results for their client.



Leveraging FreeWheel Strata's data is crucial for media agencies looking to optimize their media buying strategies and maximize campaign performance. By harnessing the power of Strata's data, agencies can make informed decisions about cross-channel optimization, audience targeting, attribution modeling, forecasting, media mix modeling, campaign management, inventory management, and creative performance analysis.

Our DataDrive team has extensive experience connecting to media buying platforms like FreeWheel Strata, as well as a wide range of other digital marketing sources, connecting data together to enable the use cases described above. By partnering with us, you can unlock the full potential of your data and revolutionize your media planning and buying strategies.


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