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DataDrive is Tableau's 2021 Rising Star Partner

DataDrive is Tableau's 2021 Rising Star Partner of the Year

DataDrive is honored to be recognized as Tableau’s 2021 ‘Rising Star’ Partner of the Year. Tableau is the industry leader in data visualization and self-service analytics.  Our DataDrive team has also been recognized as a Premier Tableau Partner for the second consecutive year, joining only a handful of organizations globally to achieve Tableau’s highest status for implementation and services partners.

DataDrive is Tableau's 2021 Rising Star Partner of the Year

At the beginning of March 2022, Tableau concluded their annual Tableau Partner Executive Kick-Off (PEKO) that brought together top implementation partners from across the globe to share ideas, learn Tableau’s product roadmap, and celebrate customer successes from the past year.  

As the 2021 ‘Rising Star’ Partner in the Americas, DataDrive is recognized for year-over-year growth and strategic wins from our customer-first mindset and growing capabilities helping our customers do more with their data.  The DataDrive team is honored and energized by our customers’ momentum in building analytics capabilities and communities leveraging Tableau.  We are excited to grow together more in 2022!

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Putting Our Customers First

Our customers and their success are at the forefront of every project we deliver. With our Human-Centered Data™ delivery framework, our team puts users at the front and center of the data products and communities we deliver across Tableau’s customers.  DataDrive understands that organizational success with Tableau requires a holistic analytics and community strategy that goes beyond data report creation.  

DataDrive supports our customers in achieving tremendous success with their investment in Tableau.  We commit to helping organizations big and small grow data-informed decision making within a governed, scalable environment.

In 2021, we saw success with our clients in the following themes and are excited to continue helping organizations:

Migrate to the cloud Migrate to Modern Cloud Analytics - Our team implements holistic Tableau Online deployments with content, security, and data source strategy in mind. We architect cloud-based data warehouses using Snowflake to automate data collection without adding headcount.


Maximize Investment in Tableau Server - Our team supports organizations with assessing, architecting, and optimizing Tableau Server performance by removing redundant, untrusted content and tuning high usage dashboards.  We additionally train developers on performance and data sourcing best practices.

Build Advocates and Scalable CommunitiesBuild Advocates and Scalable Communities - DataDrive deploys a multi-series training program for Tableau developers, administrators, and end-users for remote, global workforces.  Our team develops internal analytics communities centered on sharing best practices and internal wins to promote long-term adoption.

Level Up Predictive ProwessLevel Up Predictive Prowess - We roadmap best practices on training and managing data science initiatives within fast-growing organizations seeking to identify and unlock predictive insights.  Alongside our Salesforce partnership, DataDrive connects sales and customer CRM data using new capabilities of Salesforce TCRM.


DataDrive + Tableau | Better Together

As 2021’s ‘Rising Star’ Partner, DataDrive is excited to support more organizations in achieving more with their investment in Tableau.  

Whether you are just starting on your journey with modern data visualization and self-service analytics or are looking to optimize your existing investment in Tableau, our DataDrive team is here to help.  Every day, we are supporting Tableau’s mission of helping people see and understand their data while creating modern cloud-based analytics platforms powering predictive use cases with data science.

Reach out for a free 30-minute consultation on how Tableau + DataDrive can support your organization’s data-driven decision-making!


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