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Your Essential Guide to Tableau Conference 2023

Your Essential Guide to Tableau Conference 2023

Hello, data enthusiasts! The Tableau Conference 2023 is fast approaching, and our DataDrive team is here to help you prepare for this exciting event in the world of data visualization and analytics. Taking place at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, from May 9-11, this annual conference is perfect for both Tableau users and data lovers seeking learning, networking, and fun experiences. So let's dive into our essential guide to make the most of your Tableau Conference experience!


Dress Code: Keep It Casual

When choosing what to wear for the Tableau conference, prioritize comfort and personal style. Jeans, nerdy data T-shirts, and comfortable sneakers are the norm for Tableau Conference. While you may see a few attendees in formal attire or more eccentric outfits, remember to dress for your own comfort.  To further emphasize the importance of comfortable shoes, Mandalay Bay (and Vegas in general) is massive, and even the walk from hotel rooms to the event center is quite a trek.  Your feet will thank you by the conference end.

If you are in the market for Tableau gear, be sure to hit up the Tableau store early on, as popular sizes and items sell out quickly!


Plan Ahead for Top Sessions

Navigating the Tableau Conference can seem overwhelming, with so many sessions to attend. To make the most of your time, plan ahead by using the schedule builder and be aware that educational sessions, typically the community-led tips & tricks sessions, are quite popular and very jam-packed.  Showing up right when an event starts might mean there isn't any space available.  Show up early for the sessions you really want to see and know that over-capacity sessions may get an encore session on Day 2 or 3.

The good news is that Tableau Conference has recently been attended by a more manageable crowd of 5,000-8,000 people (vs. the peak of 15,000+ pre-COVID).  This means there are more opportunities to catch all the sessions important to you.  

Lastly - make sure you attend the Iron Viz event, which showcases Tableau's capabilities in a fun arena-style event.  It's best described as the Super Bowl of data visualization events, and you might learn a few tips, tricks, and hacks from the participants.


New to Tableau? Check out the 'What is Tableau' Guide!


Make the Most of Doctor's Hour

Tableau Doctor offers a valuable opportunity to book up to three 1:1 sessions with Tableau product experts. To maximize the benefits of these sessions, bring your laptop with your visualization and data set preloaded. This way, the experts can help you overcome any challenges you're facing and make the entire investment worth it for your organization.  If you can't carve out time for formal Doctor's hours, the community attendees would very likely jump in to help get you unstuck as well!


Engage in Meaningful Conversations

Networking is a key aspect of the Tableau Conference. Make time for meaningful conversations in the Data Village (the main exhibitor hall), as some of the best experiences I've personally had at the conference is the serendipity of meeting strangers that become life-long friends. Tableau employees are also very willing to help out, so don't hesitate to strike up a conversation or ask questions. Look for industry-specific breakout tables for more targeted networking opportunities.


Enjoy the Social Events

The opening receptions and Data Night Out provide great opportunities for socializing and unwinding after a day of learning.  Tableau Conference is notorious for going all out with memorable Data Night Out events, so you won't want to miss it.  Take the opportunity to drop off laptops and other gear in your room, so you don't have to lug them around all evening.  Also, remember your conference badge at all times for entry!


Hands-On Training Workshops

Hands-on workshops are an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience and learn directly from Tableau experts at the conference.  During my first few Tableau conferences, I took advantage of all beginner, intermediate, and advanced sessions to ramp up my Tableau skills.  Even if you can't stay for an entire session, Tableau often makes the recordings and reference materials available following the conference.


Take a Break

Las Vegas can be overwhelming, even without an exciting data conference to attend.  Be sure to leave space between sessions and socializing to relax in silence.  The benefit of having a hotel room near the conference is the opportunity to take a much-needed break halfway through the day, as there are always things to do in Las Vegas at all hours.  Pace yourself with some strategic breaks during the day.


See You in Vegas!

With our essential guide in hand, you're now ready to embark on a successful and memorable Tableau Conference 2023 journey. Get ready to learn, network, and have fun as you explore the unique conference experience in the world of Tableau. See you in Vegas!


Start Your Tableau Party Early

DataDrive is a Premier Tableau Partner helping organizations make the most of their Tableau investment through development, deployment, and training support.  Contact us today for your customized implementation plan.  See you in Vegas!

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