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Kirsten Hoogenakker

As an Analytics Consultant at DataDrive, I gravitate towards using data to solve business problems with a hyper-focus on user experience and human-centered design. My superpowers are active listening to ensure I’m meeting client needs, and harnessing data science and machine learning to predict outcomes. I seek out challenging projects that create a lasting impact for my clients and measurably improve their day-to-day. I am always looking for the next adventure! I spend a lot of my time outside of work racing my bike (in criteriums, on the velodrome, on gravel, in cyclocross, and enjoy single track for fun). I can regularly be found reading books in a hammock, listening to bird calls, and feeling the breeze on my cheeks in any of our local parks or while camping.

4 min read

My Four Favorite Features of Dataiku

If you’ve been watching the enterprise data science space over the past few years, you’ve probably seen a new breed of tools emerge aimed at helping organizations turn data science into a scalable, organized, well-oiled practice within their...

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3 min read

How to Promote Ethics in Data Science and Analytics

Data science and analytics fall in an exciting intersection of math and science. The pattern...

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6 min read

From Educator to Tableau Certified: A Journey to Analytics Consulting

Last week I completed and passed the Tableau Desktop Associate Certification. This marks a...

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