Sam Epley

Thanks for reading! My name is Sam and I am an Analytics Consultant with DataDrive. I’m an avid reader, a native Iowan, and have always been passionate about numbers and data. Several years ago I was exposed to Tableau and have been addicted to data visualizations ever since. I am a Tableau Desktop Certified Associate and am excited that every day I get to help others by exploring and telling captivating stories with data! Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn, or send me an Email - I look forward to starting a conversation with you!

WOW2020 #49 Tutorial: Can you toggle between AND & OR filtering logic?

Analytics Consultant Sam Epley walks us through how he completed his week 49 challenge over at the wonderful Workout Wednesday. Explore More

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Tutorial: Building a Presidential Election Dashboard in Tableau

One week remains before Election Day in the United States. That means that one of the most...

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Zero to Tableau Certified in 90 Days

As an Analytics Consultant, it’s my responsibility to leverage Tableau and other tools to develop...

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Onboarding at DataDrive During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 outbreak, I changed careers and joined DataDrive. My onboarding process was...

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