Trent Haun

I help companies of all sizes connect their decision makers with the right data to make the most informed decisions possible. I leverage best practices from data visualization, self-service analytics, experience design, and change management to help clients unlock the full potential of their data and apply it to drive their business forward. When I’m not writing blogs or designing new ways to connect users with their data, you’ll find me goofing off with my family or exploring the outdoors (what up north woods!).

Human Centered Data™. This is the way.

Always put people at the heart of your analytics efforts. One of my favorite things about our team here at DataDrive is that everyone, from the very beginning, has understood one very important thing: the true focus of every data initiative is not...

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How to Make Working With Dashboard Containers EASY

Once upon a time, every great dashboard I built used floating objects for almost everything. It was...

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Gartner Data and Analytics Summit Recap

A few weeks ago, Luke Komiskey and I had the chance to head down to Orlando, Florida for the annual...

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