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Start Saving Time with this Tableau Dashboard Templates Workbook

Jeff Plattner Tableau Dashboard Templates

A couple of weeks ago, I published a Tableau Public workbook called Tableau Dashboard Layout Templates. The workbook contains thirty Tableau Dashboard layouts and enables any user to download the workbook and quickly copy/paste a layout into their Tableau Desktop workbook. Upon sharing this resource on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) I was greeted with a wave of positive feedback, with the main theme being that people were thankful for a great time-saver. 

As a user of the templates myself, I can attest to this, as I’ve already used them on several occasions to quickly mock-up dashboard ideas. Prior to publishing the templates, I was finding myself creating dashboards from scratch over and over again. So, I was eager to create a solution that would not only help me move away from that approach, but also help others who may have found themselves in the same situation.


To get started, simply follow the steps below to quickly and easily download the Tableau Dashboard Layout Templates workbook and begin saving yourself some valuable time in the dashboard creation process!!

  1. Download the Tableau Dashboard Layout Templates workbook, using Tableau Desktop.
  2. Copy the dashboard layout you want by right-clicking on the dashboard tab and selecting copy.
  3. Paste the dashboard into your desired workbook by right-clicking any tab and selecting paste (or navigate to File → Paste). 
  4. Replace the placeholder sheets with your logo, title, filters, KPIs, and worksheets.
  5. Get creative and make it your own or maintain the same layout by matching the outer/inner padding of your new sheets to that of the placeholder sheets.
  6. Tweet at @JtothaVizzo if you have questions/comments or more layout ideas!!



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