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Have you ever had the need to zoom in and zoom out on a chart? Have you needed to be able to see the intricate peaks and valleys, yet also see the big picture? 

GIF of line chart

In 5 simple steps, your users will have the ability to easily zoom in and out of your line charts.



Step 1: Create Parameter

Create a string parameter using a list for allowable values.

The parameter will be how your users interact with the chart.

Window to create parameter

Step 2: Create Calculation

This calculation will turn on and off the 0 axis once all 5 steps are completed.

Graph View Calc

CASE [Graph View]  




Step 3: Create Line Chart

Create your line chart as you typically would, but then drag Graph View Calc (created in step 2) onto the Detail marks card.

Create Line Chart

Step 4: Create Reference Line

Using the Analytics tab, drag “Reference Line” onto your chart. In the edit window, change the following:

  • Change line value to SUM(Graph View Calc)
  • Change line label to None
  • Change line tooltip to None
  • Change formatting line to None

    **We want this line to be invisible to the user!

Window to create reference line

Step 5: Final Step

The final and most important step to making this work: 

  • Right click on your vertical axis and select Edit Axis. 
  • Uncheck the box to Include Zero.  Our calculation from step 2 will tell the chart when and when not to include zero for us!

Window to edit axis, do not include zero

When you create your dashboard, make sure to show the parameter so that your users can take advantage of this cool new feature.

That’s it! 5 easy steps to give your users the ability to zoom in and out as needed.


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