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Human Centered Design

DataDrive 2021 Best Places To Work

DataDrive Recognized with 2021 Best Places to Work Title

I am excited to announce that DataDrive has been recognized as a 2021 Best Places to Work by the...

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From Educator to Tableau Certified: A Journey to Analytics Consulting

Last week I completed and passed the Tableau Desktop Associate Certification. This marks a...

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How to Integrate Tableau Into Salesforce

Ever since Salesforce acquired Tableau and Salesforce's Einstein Analytics was rebranded to Tableau...

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The Women of DataDrive - Kirsten Hoogenakker

Kirsten Hoogenakker

Kirsten Hoogenakker is one of DataDrive’s latest and greatest Analytics...

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The Women of DataDrive - Mahzabin Khan


Mahzabin Khan

Mahzabin has been with DataDrive as an Analytics Consultant for six months....

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The Women of Data Drive Bree Linville

The Women of DataDrive- Bree Linville

Bree Linville

I love Legos. 

Growing up, I convinced my younger brothers to share a room so we...

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Data Science Explained: Decision Trees

With data science and analytics now at the forefront of many industries, there’s a good chance you...
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Einstein Salesforce Analytics Consultant Certification

A Guide to the Salesforce Einstein Analytics Consultant Certification

*Updated Aug 11, 2021

Are you considering getting a Salesforce Certified Einstein Analytics (now...

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Human Centered Data™. This is the way.

Always put people at the heart of your analytics efforts.

One of my favorite things about our team...

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A Basic Guide to Logistic Regression


You have a great understanding of linear regression, but you have been baffled with a dataset...

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6 Questions to Help You Answer: Should I Go into Analytics Consulting?

Whether you're just starting out in the analytics field or are considering a change, it can be...

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Snowflake ELT Automation

Recently, I was assisting an analytics team with implementing a Snowflake cloud data warehouse....

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Monday Makeover | Tableau Design Tips for a Cleaner Visualization

On April 30th, 2017 I published my very first Makeover Monday visualization to Tableau Public....

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Snowflake Trial Part One

In most cases, a trial period is a great way to get introduced to a new tool and evaluate if its...

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Regression, RServe & Tableau/Prep : Visualizing Model Performance

So you acquired all this of this awesome data and you’re asked to build a model to predict an...

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Tableau Escape Room: Save the Christmas Cheer

Play Escape Room Here

Twas’ the night before Christmas and all through Tableau, not a data...

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Using Salesforce’s Einstein AI with Tableau

With the Salesforce acquisition of Tableau, a popular question is - how can Einstein’s powerful...

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WOW2020 #49 Tutorial: Can you toggle between AND & OR filtering logic?

Analytics Consultant Sam Epley walks us through how he completed his week 49...

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Getting Started with TabPy and Rserve in Tableau Prep

With the proliferation of data analysis tools out there, and the growing ability to use them in...

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Tutorial: Build a Clean Annotation Layer for use in Tableau

Leading up to the 2020 NBA Draft, I shared a Tableau Public visualization called NBA Draft Gems,...

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Tutorial: Building a Presidential Election Dashboard in Tableau

One week remains before Election Day in the United States. That means that one of the most...

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Tableau Webhooks

What are Webhooks?

Webhooks are one way that apps can send automated messages or information to...

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Great Tableau Resources for Beginners

Here are some resources we tend to share with clients and other developers looking to build their...

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Faster EDA with Tableau: A Scatterplot Matrix to Make Python/R Jealous

The fundamental first step to any data project is understanding the data model and the...

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Parameter Use: Zoom In/Out on Chart

Have you ever had the need to zoom in and zoom out on a chart? Have you needed to be able to see...

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