Mahzabin Khan

Hi there! I'm Mahzabin, an Analytics Consultant at DataDrive. I love working with human centered data to solve real-world problems using Tableau as my canvas. I am passionate about Data Science, Statistics, and Math. When I'm not working with data, you'll find me jamming with my ukulele or stroking a paintbrush to make some art. If you see me out there, come say hi!

How to Detect Outliers

Welcome to Part II of learning about outliers! In my previous blog, I discussed what an outlier is, where they come from, and how to differentiate between outliers, high leverage points, and influential points. In this blog, I’ll walk through...

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A Basic Guide to Outliers with Mahzabin Khan

A Basic Guide to Outliers

A crucial step for any type of data analysis consists of getting a good understanding of the data...

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Data science in music and entertainment

Data Science in the Music and Entertainment Industry

As an aspiring musician and data scientist, I have always wanted to see how the two worlds collide....

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Custom Containers

How To Make Custom Containers For Your Tableau Dashboard

Ever wonder how people make those awesome-looking Tableau dashboards with rounded edges and a drop...

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A Basic Guide to Linear Regression Assumptions by Mahzabin Khan

A Basic Guide to Testing the Assumptions of Linear Regression in R

The very first step after building a linear regression model is to check whether your model meets...

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A Basic Guide to Logistic Regression

You have a great understanding of linear regression, but you have been baffled with a dataset which...

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